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Facial Yoga


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Hi !
I'm Wilma and I'm the initiator and founder of À LA NATURE, a brand that stands for a holistic lifestyle.
I'm so thrilled that you're willing to embark on this transformational journey together with me, I will guide you towards a healthier and more fulfilling way of life.
Your opportunity:
Your healthy, happy and radiant self.





What is face yoga?

  • Special exercises that tone your face muscles and enhance your well-being
  • Prevention and relief of headaches, muscle tension in your jaw and neck, etc.
  • Reduction of wrinkles, eye bags and a naturally more hydrated and smooth skin
  • Promotes blood and oxygen circulation resulting in a more radiant complexion
  • Your facial features appear fuller, radiant and smoother
  • facial exercises done regularly result in fuller cheeks and younger appearance

Hold, release, inflate, deflate, massage and repeat:
Facial yoga practices can focus on specific areas of your face - such as eyes, forehead, chin or eyebrows, cheeks or nose - or involve the whole face.
There are many muscles connected to your skin on your face, that is why it is important to train them through facial exercise as much as you would do for your body through classical yoga practice. Face yoga's main praise is its effects on the skin's appearance—namely, tightening the skin and keeping it plump.
Fingertips and palms play a very important role in face yoga, as we use them to massage our neck, shoulders and scalp. And of course, breathing is essential to the practice too, it accompanies and supports every single exercise.

Why face yoga?

As years go by, not only do first wrinkles appear on face and neck, but we know that our face’s shape itself changes too. Naturally, our skin loses tone and begins to sag.
Did you know? There are 57 muscles in our face, all connected to the top facial skin. This characteristic is not found in any other part of our body. And just as it is possible to redefine a waistline or get a flat stomach through targeted training, face yoga helps to tighten, firm and smooth your skin.

Of course, it is possible to start facial practices at any age, but it is recommended to include face yoga in one's daily beauty routine from a young age in order to prevent early wrinkles. In fact, it is well known that muscles, if not trained, start to lose tone from the age of 25.
So let’s start working out and strengthen these 57 muscles that hold up our face, neck and scalp, so the skin naturally follows and starts to smooth, look fuller and glow.

A defined and radiant face thanks to top-quality natural cosmetics and care!


Ringana natural cosmetics

The strengths of the Ringana brand

  • - an Austrian family business run by the owners themselves
  • - the distinctive element that makes the products on sale unique - its 100% natural philosophy
  • - its strong position on markets for organic & sustainable products
  • - high customer satisfaction (70% reorder rate)
  • - international awards for best sustainable products
  • - described by press and TV as pioneering and innovative
  • - economic growth of 40-50%, fast growing trend

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